Introducing Mini Home Lighting System for Rural Areas.

In the rural areas of India, where there is no electricity, solar lights seem to be the perfect solution. Almost Most of the rural Indian population still depend on kerosene lamps for their living. Not only are kerosene lamps expensive, kerosene oil used is also hazardous and polluting.

About 100,000 Indian villages do not yet have electricity which means that the productivity comes to a complete stop in the dark. Using Solar lights will definitely increase the efficiency of people by allowing them to work and children study after it gets dark.

Solar home lighting system (SHLS) is best solar lights for home purpose. These lights harnesses the sun’s energy to light up your home and power your small appliances. With benefits that extend both to your wallet and to the environment.

Solar light for home is not just a ‘brilliant’ idea; but it is a ‘responsibility’ also to providing illumination power from the sun’. The solar cells in the solar system convert the sun’s energy directly to electricity. This electricity is stored in the solar battery and used for lighting whenever required.

Home lighting system is compact, portable and easily mountable, economical solution to all your power problems with easy-to-install kit. Similarly, the price of home solar lights are adorable and are available in 18w to 75w capacity.

Solar LED home lighting systems are ideal sources for providing indoor illumination in remote areas and un-electrified villages. The Solar LED home lighting system essentially consists of the Solar module, suitable module mounting structure, battery, battery box, charge-controller, luminaries, inter-connecting cables and switches etc.

Benefits of Solar Home Lighting

Economical: Since the sun provides energy free of charge, you can enjoy 30% power savings on your electricity bills and a longer back up lighting system at zero running cost.

Non-Polluting: Powered by the sun’s renewable energy, the system is energy neutral and an clean source of illumination. 1 kW solar system reduces 1⁄2 ton of Co2 (carbon dioxide) per annum.

No Maintenance: The system has few movable parts – reducing the risk of breakage. Once installed, it lasts for long time and requires little attention.